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Condoms That Care: Bleü Is India's First Non-Toxic & Vegan Condom Brand

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    What Makes It Awesome

    What if we told you that the most sought after method of birth control in the country is terrible for your partner's or your vaginal health? It shouldn't come as shock because all the advertisements focus on is "enhanced pleasure" instead of educating the masses about contraception, safe sex and the ingredients a condom is laced with. 

    Just to put things into perspective -- condom companies use chemicals like Nitrosamine, which is carcinogenic in nature and is linked to tumour growth, Spermicides, that can increase the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections and Benzocaine, a local anesthetic that has been linked to causing hormonal imbalance. It also has what's called Casein, a milk protein that can affect people with lactose intolerance. To add to this misery, flavoured condoms come full of sugar molecules and parabens that cause urinary tract infections in women. 

    Thankfully, Komal Baldwa, Founder of Hyderabad-based Bleü realised there had to be an alternative and India's first non-toxic, vegan male condoms were born. Bleü condoms advertise healthy pleasure while being fully transparent in its ingredients. Not only is it free of all of the above mentioned nasties, it is also sustainable and made using ethically-derived recyclable latex from pesticide-free forests. These hypoallergenic condoms do not contain any harsh chemicals in the lubrication liquid nor carcinogenic agents in the rubber. Casein removal makes these condoms vegan and lactose-intolerance-friendly. Bleü further uses no plastic in their packaging, and offers employment to women. 

    Available in three variants: dotted, 3-in-1, and ultra-thin condoms these are priced at INR 200 (for a pack of 8). Bleü also offers discreet delivery.


    Bleü is also associated with NGOs working towards AIDS prevention. For each condom sold, they donate 5% of the sale value to End Aids foundation to help India win the battle against HIV.

      Available Online