This Bangalore Label Offers Charming European Style Period Furniture With Decoupage


Bli & Chi is a Bangalore based brand that handcrafts furniture inspired by classical European eras with touch of whimsy. We are totally getting Enid Blyton feels here.

Not Just A Roman Holiday

Best friends Bubli and Chitra {thus the name Bli & Chi}, brought back something a little more than just souvenirs from their Europe travels — which was their big idea to start a furniture brand reminiscent of the old world charm inspired by Europe. Giving us major friendship goals, the duo have been travelling all around the world for the past 20 years, and wanted to start a business venture based on their passion. While travelling, Bubli and Chitra lost count of the number of times, they had to give up purchasing beautiful furniture due to the risk, cost and limitations involved in bringing it back to India. Having a background in arts, the two put their passion to practise and learned how to decoupage, which follows the principle of layering furniture with coloured paper or cut outs.

Decoupage On Furniture

According to Chitra, it is a complex process, where they first work with local carpenters to design the furniture, using wood such as rubber, teak or mango. The styles replicate period furniture, which take influence from Victorian England —  think Downtown Abbey and Pride and Prejudice folks. Giving attention to the smallest of details like the curve of the table or chair legs for instance, and this results in creating furniture with a vintage-sque charm.

Come Into My Parlour

The furniture components range from charming stools with rich illustrations of English roses to antique style book shelves with floral accents {imagine a children’s nursery from Blyton books}, and French style bar cabinets to more elaborate pieces such as benches and dressers. While Bli & Chi’s collection has no dominant style or form, as each piece is an eclectic and a stand alone artefact. We love the themes of colour and whimsy — from pastel blue stools with floral pink artwork to hand painted chest of drawers with graceful curves, depicting dragonflies giving an antique look. A stool is will cost you INR 4,500 upwards {subject to detail and make}, while their antique cabinets start INR 18,000 plus tax and benches at INR 12,000 plus tax. A splurge you can easily save for, right?

Visiting the Studio

Bubli and Chitra run a very niche brand, hence they request that you call first to make an appointment to visit their studio. The number of pieces displayed in their studio varies based on availability and the number of orders they are given. Follow them on Facebook, to find out which exhibition they will be featuring on next.