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Buns, Bacon, Bread & All The Good Bits Of Food From This Home Chef

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What Makes It Awesome

BMD by Curly Sue is for all you fast-food lovers. No frills, they deliver Burgers, Melts, and (Hot) Dogs (so BMD). BMD combines the best ingredients (homegrown and globally loved) into tried, tested, and consistently loved recipes. Most of their ingredients are grown at their estate in Coorg and they hand-pound their spices. Plus, they source only the finest cuts of meat. Oh, and did we mention they grow their produce such as pepper, rosemary, thyme, Birdseye chilly, rice, coffee and coconut without any chemical intervention? 

All burgers come in brioche-style buns, their signature caramelized onions, homemade garlic mayo, veggies, cheddar cheese and chips. Patty options include Curly Sue's special Pulled Pork (cooked for eight hours!), Herb and Butter Pork, Rosemary Chicken, and Buff Meat among others. For vegetarians and vegans, there’s the Mexican Style Spiced Red Bean burger, the popular Vegan mock meat burger, the vegan hotdogs and the chocolate brownie. They serve vegan mayo and cheese -- all made in-house. 

Melts are made with Milk Bread, four types of cheese and buttered. If you want just that, get the Meltdown! Add sauteed mushrooms and caramelised onions, and it’s the Swiss Melt for you. Now for the good stuff -- the Hammer -- with Karthakaad smoked ham, bird’s eye chilli, honey, and a special Coorg Citrus mix for a party on your tastebuds. The hotdogs come with brioche-style hotdog buns, caramelised onions, regular onions, relish, mustard and lettuce. Sausage options include either chicken or pork Bockwurst seasoned with estate spices and grilled. 

Of course, you can customise your BMD with a range of toppings. Slaw, relish mayo(s), bacon, extra veggies, and even ketchup among other things. The new additions of Pandi Curry Pizza, BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza, and Chilly Pork Roll by Curly Sue Pork are something we're trying next. 


They do have special menus with experimental options every now and then, so stay tuned to their social media for surprises! Place an order by DMing or Whatsapping them. You can order with them Tuesday through Sunday from 10 am to 9 pm.