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    From Tractor Parts To Buckets, This Furniture Brand Will Turn Anything Into Home Decor

    Navya posted on 14 April

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Egg holders that moonlight as shot glass trays and stools with wheels, Boho’s Studio customised home decor and furniture range promise to be conversation starters.

    Designer Duo

    On a trip to Rajasthan, interior designers Imaya Gopal and Komal Bhulani found themselves mesmerised with the craftmanship that the place brims with. Sufficiently impressed, they returned to Bangalore and apart from their regular job {they worked at the same design firm} decided to launch a product line featuring rustic and industrial accessories, fixtures and furniture. And so, Boho Studio was born around two years ago.

    Furniture and Fixtures

    Sourcing raw material and components from Rajasthan, Chettinad and Kerala — Imaya and Komal get to work, crafting one-of-a-kind pieces that perk up your home. Scroll through their FB page and you’ll see furniture built out of reclaimed wood, artful wooden chests, a stool with cycle pedals for resting your feet, unconventional lamps, and bright red egg cartons that have been remade into shot glass holders. There’s also an eye-catching range of furniture made from metal and sheesham wood that you can order up.

    We also spotted plenty of products that will quirk up your space. There are bar consoles made from the hoods of bright-red tractors, vintage-style chests of drawers, and lampshades made from overturned buckets. What we love is that, their prices have remained affordable. You can pick something from INR 100 onwards here. Just ping them on Insta or FB and they’ll customise your order to just what you want. BOHO Studio also plans to launch an online shopping portal soon.


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