Ten-second takeaway

Wage a war on summer armed with naturally-flavoured kulfis from the very popular Bombay Chowpatty Kulfi. We have a feeling you’ll win.

Ice, ice baby

In a street that’s crowded with eateries that dish out flavourful biryanis and kebabs, for the most part, Bombay Chowpatty stands out. It’s fame has been built entirely on the kulfis and a handful of faloodas they offer.

Arriving at this compact shop, we immediately got busy with the menu. Their list of kulfis ranges from the simple {malai, matka malai} to the fruity {guavas, mangoes, banana, chickoo – these depend on the season though} and the extravagant {badam, anjeer, mixed dry fruits}. We picked the guava from the fruity category. What we got is cubes {the kulfis are served in bowls here and not sticks} of kulfi that was infused with the natural sweetness of guavas. Although we think it lacked that creaminess that’s so essential to kulfis, we won’t mind one bit if we had to have another bowl of the guava kulfi. The lack of creaminess in the guava kulfi was made up for in the mixed dry fruits version. Studded with bright green bits of pistachio and thin slivers of almonds, the kulfi felt like a treat for putting up with the heat.

The DL on the ambience

A small shop, Bombay Chowpatty’s walls are covered with pictures of their offerings and a brief history lesson in the origins of the kulfi. Once you choose what you want, you can wait at one of the tables {choose the one closest to the fan} and a lone server will bring you your order.

So we’re thinking…

Their bowls of kulfi are a delicious solution for this unrelenting summer heat. We can’t wait for mango season to start to come by for their mango kulfis.

Where: 1/B, Mosque Complex, MM Road, Frazer Town

When: noon-11.30pm

Contact: +91 9845884414

Price: INR 150 for two

Featured image via: Zomato