Want A Plastic-Free Kitchen? This Natural Food Wrapping Is All You Need

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What Makes It Awesome

You’ve probably stumbled upon a lot of aesthetically shot videos on social media of planet-friendly alternatives to the cling wrap and zip lock bags. In case you haven’t, get prepared to be pleasantly surprised by this game-changer of an idea in the kitchen department. Bombus Beewraps makes food wrapping that is 100% natural and handmade out of cotton, pine resins, jojoba oil, and beeswax.

The struggle - to keep a half-eaten apple fresh till you finish with an urgent meeting or to keep the coriander and mint leaves from turning black in a day or two - is real. Covering your food and veggies with the beeswax wraps, ensures that it retains moisture. Plus it slows down the process of rotting because the wax naturally contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Additionally, the beeswax makes the wrap water-proof and adds to its reusability. The pine resins give it a slight sticky texture that is perfect to seal and close. 

Now for the best part. These wraps can be washed in cold water, and reused, for anywhere between four to six months. I love the prints. It has completely changed how the inside of my refrigerator looks!


You can use the Bombus Beewraps to quickly pack a meal of rotis, sandwiches or biscuits. It’s a great option for packing school lunches for the kids as well.