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Home Decor 101: These Book-Turned-Lamps Give You Six Hours Of Light And Look Cute Too

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    Unlike any book you’ve read before, Open Hue is in the business of making pretty book-turned-lamps that literally brighten up your day whenever you open them.

    The Power Of Books

    We came across perhaps the most literal book lamp in lighting history with this range of book-turned-lamps from Bangalore decor brand, Open Hue. These portable books, that weigh less than a pound, light up every time you open them. Taking mood lighting to the next level with it’s soft and ambient glow, these lamps create a cosy and comfy atmosphere in your space.

    With upto six hours of battery life and a slick USB cord that recharges them completely in 2 to 3 hours, these lamps are as functional as they are pretty. The books open up a full 360 degrees and their magnetic wooden covers let you stick them onto any metallic surface, giving you an endless list of decor possibilities. What’s more? These lamps make for the perfect gift as you can get them personalised and engraved with a message. Available in two sizes, the mini and the classic, it’s time to lighten up your space with these quirky lamps.

    Brightening It Up

    Made from wood, recyclable paper and tiny electrical parts, these books look like any other, easy to carry around and can be stored in a book shelf when not in use. Almost all the parts, except for some of their electrical units are sourced from all over the city, making these lamps certified Bangalorean. Not from the city? Not a problem. They ship these lamps globally {for an additional charge, of course}. They come in two shades, Maple and Walnut, and prices range from INR 2,000 to INR 3,000. As of now they primarily operate online and you can buy the lamps from their website here and get in touch with them on Facebook here. But you can expect to see their lamps in home decor stores around the city like RainTree and The Purple Turtles very soon


    Open Hue is planning to add an extra feature to their lamps which allows you to recharge your phone, so keep a lookout for that.

      Available Online