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Holiday The Right Way: Call Linger For "Do-Nothing" Vacation Places Across India

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What Makes It Awesome

For all we know and from the need for it, we're almost certain that God intended vacations to be lazy periods. Like how God rested on the 7th day and did nothing, remember? Exactly. We just unnecessarily added time-crunch/must-do activities/places to see to the mix and made things cumbersome. Let's uncomplicate and do nothing, shall we? Join us then as we reach out to Linger, a responsible travel service provider to help us find "do-nothing" vacation places across India. 

This is their motive and literally their IG bio and we love it! All the team here wishes for us is to linger, do nothing and leave no trace after, how cool is that for an escape? Here's how things work. Doing all the legwork so that we don't have to do any at all, Linger has identified beautiful Homes In Villages - from Chikmagalur to Kumaon in the Himalayas, Natural Farms to Wildlife in Corbett; exciting Campsites and Long Stays & Workations, again hand-picked from all over India. The idea with Linger is to spend a weekend or more exploring local, hidden gems - their food, customs, livelihood, pace, everything. 

Linger also lives by certain philosophies and urges everyone who uses their services to do so, too. Ethical travel tops the list - no use of plastic (no plastic bottles) and no means to dispose of them is available at any Linger location. They request you to carry whatever you need to bring along, back to the city. It is also important to keep in mind that none of these spots are resorts, so don't expect luxury, expect comfort and an unforgettable experience, instead.


Linger has comprehensively broken down what it is to vacation with them on their website. No activities but living amidst nature (flora and fauna), respecting people's homes, availability of power/WiFi and much more. Prices also vary according to place and time period. You find everything online. We also suggest you click on Enquire Now on this recommendation and connect with the team directly. Happy leisure lingering!