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Buffalo Wings And Mixed Sausage Pizzas: This New Watering Hole In Kalyan Nagar Is Perfect For A Fun Night

    Kalyan nagar, Bangalore


    New kid on the {Kalyan Nagar} block — Bottoms Up — is yet to start full scale operations but is showing plenty of promise. The classic bar eats paired with mugs of frothy beer makes for a winning combo.

    Chow Down

    Buffalo Wings, Malai Chicken, Mixed Sausage Pizza

    Sip On

    They are still to get their full bar licence. So, as of now you’ll have to stick to draught beer and mocktails.

    Winning For

    There are no fancy innovations here — just tried-and-tested bar food presented with a few exciting tweaks and top notch service.

    Lowdown On The Ambience

    Spread across two levels, Bottoms Up is dominated by wooden accents, colourful wall prints, and quirky signboards. Their shiny bar is another highlight.

    Bar Star

    One of the spiffer watering holes to open shop in this part of town, Bottoms Up hasn’t started full bar operations yet {you’ll get full bar access from Monday, May 29, they’ve said}. However, you can stop by to sample their menu and chug down mugs of ice-cold beer {perfect for this excruciating weather}.
    With this, we paired the Buffalo Wings — crispy, chicken wings coated lavishly in a robust spice. While the wings were stars in their own right, the sharp taste of the accompanying blue cheese dip gave the dish another dimension. We also loved the cream loaded Malai Tikka, where the chicken was cooked just right. However, the Pork Ribs were a letdown. For one, instead of ribs we got big chunks of fatty meat. And while the dark, sticky and spicy sauce was a positive, we simply couldn’t digest that much fat. The Mixed Sausage pizza studded with chicken and pork varieties was flavourful though we did think it was a tad overpriced for a medium-sized pizza.

    So, We’re Thinking…

    The place is pretty popular with all kinds of crowds — families and crowds. So, Bottoms Up might be best for a laid back drink or a fun dinner rather than a wild, crazy party night.

      Kalyan nagar, Bangalore