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Go Breakfast-Hopping At Malleswaram's Legendary South Indian Joints

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Ask any of the city’s long-term residents about its old world charm and they’ll tell you everything about the trees, travelling by buses, metro-less MG road and of course, Malleswaram’s breakfast specials. Actually, anyone who’s been in Bangalore more than a month will tell you of the legendary brekkies! Some of these restaurants have thrived for decades, others for nearly a century! What’s more, you can have an entire meal in less than INR 100, filter coffee included. So set off to Malleswaram at 6.30am to get your hands on the freshest delicacies at these paragon South Indian tiffin joints.

Central Tiffin Room

Founded in the 1920s, CTR {a.k.a Shri Sagar} is practially synonymous with Benne Masala Dose {Butter Masala Dosa} and we’ve already shared our love for them here. Their dosa recipe that has been perfected over decades is ordered over 650 times a day! It gets super crowded within half an hour of opening {with good reason}, so make sure you’re there latest by 7.30am to get comfy seating. Unless you’re happy to lurk outside with your plate. Also try their Mangalur Bajji {fried batter of various flours fermented in sour curd} with the spicy chutney and wash it down with a cup of strong filter coffee.

Hotel Janatha

Located on the bustling 8th cross, this joint is another crispy dosa heaven. Their Chow Chow Bhath and perfectly crunchy vadas are legendary too. We love that the sambar here gives an extra-spicy kick that will have you craving for more! Don’t forget the filter coffee, of course. The service here has changed to self-service which means jostling for space in a sea of people to reach out for your plate of perfection, but it’s definitely worth it. Veterans say that the quality has gone down over the years, but it still remains iconic to us and we stand by that here.

Veena Stores

Locals swear by every dish on the menu at this little road-side store and so do we! Although their prized dish is the Idli-Vada combo, we suggest you try local fare like Khara Bhath, Kesari Bhath and Bisi Bele Bhath. Rumour has it, that long queues can be found even at 6 in the morning! The idea is to wait in line for the coupon, self-serve from the counter and go all out on the footpath. We think the unlimited chutney is also a good incentive to have this one on the list. Read more here.

Raghavendra Stores

This difficult-to-spot shop is located just across the local railway station. It is worshipped for its amazingly soft idli and hot, strong coffee. The Khara Bhath is another favourite among the six items on the menu. It gets extremely crowded during snack time in the evenings, but breakfast is served in a jiffy. Places like these thrive solely on the quality of their food with no ambience or seating to offer. That should explain why it’s such a treat for your taste-buds.

New Krishna Bhavan

Hotel Vaishali

Operating since 1981, this eatery came up amidst all the competition and has made a name for itself. The Masala Dosa and Rava Idli are famous here. You’ll be served these all-time favourites at a humble seating area with no particular decor or ambience. If you decide to visit in the evening, their chaat options are very well reputed. They also have an Indianised Chinese menu with the typical Gobi Manchurian-style dishes. Vaishali doesn’t get as stuffy as the other places we’ve listed, so you can go at leisure.