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Promising Beer, Smoky Pizza And Plenty Of Pork: Bangalore Say Hello To Brewklyn

    Kalyan nagar, Bangalore


    Bringing some Brewklyn to Kamanhattan, this new brew pub’s food is as winning as its ambience. Plus, promising beers.

    Chow Down

    Pepperoni Pizza, Stuffed Chicken Breast, Beef Burger

    Sip On

    Woody Ale’n and Brewklyn’s Finest

    Winning For

    Filling that microbrewery void in Kalyan Nagar, this one brings back old-school pub vibes and pizzas done right.

    Lowdown On The Ambience

    Set across two floors, there are all sorts of options here from bar side seating and community tables to booths and high tables. Exposed brick walls, graffiti, cement floors and retro music makes it seem like you’re in one of Budapest’s legendary ruin bars, but this one is modern. There’s also an enclosed space they give out for private parties.

    From The Hearth

    Serving up wood-fired oven pizzas, we didn’t look further than the pepperoni option. Bacon Wrapped Sausages, Bhut Jalokia Pork and Jalapeno Cheese bites were also ordered. We could eat the bacon wrapped sausages forever, and as much as we liked the flavour of the spicy Bhut Jalokia pork, tough meat stopped us from ordering round two. Cheese bites were as expected – gooey, sinfully fried and yummy. The pizza – thin-crust with a smoky flavour, won our hearts. They also are rather generous with toppings, thankfully.

    Thaiger Burning Bright

    When we heard the chef of the iconic Daniel Thaiger food truck in Bangkok, had led the culinary team, we naturally ordered the beef burger. Cooked enough but not too tough, the meat was juicy and moistened the bun perfectly. The tangy and spicy Thaiger sauce made it a winner. The chicken stuffed with spinach was spot on, but it was the mashed potato that blew us away – fluffy, buttery and addictive.

    Something’s Brewing

    Stick to Woody Ale’n – a pale ale that’s malty, bitter {the good kind} and earthy. The wheat beer, called Brewklyn’s Finest goes down smoothly too with a subtle aroma of the fields. But for the rest, of their new experiments, including the New England IPA, watch this space. Eat some amazing Apple Crumble to make up for the few slightly off mark beers. You won’t regret it.

    So, We’re Thinking…

    While we wait for the beers to be perfected, we’re happy going to Brewklyn for the yummy food, the pool table and for a throwback to when Bangalore meant beer, rock music and banter.

      Kalyan nagar, Bangalore