Check Out The British Council For A Hint Of Culture, Workshops And A Wonderful Library

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What Makes It Awesome

Hidden away off Lavelle Road (and Kasturba Road, from the other side), in a tree-lined lane, British Council Bangalore is a really hidden gem. As a library, cultural space, and organiser of fabulous events and workshops, it's well worth being a member! And at INR 2,200 a person, for a year, it's well worth it too. 

Some events that the British Council Bengaluru hosts, are inimitable. And they are not just limited to English Language courses, workshops on spoken English and “How To Settle Into University Life In Britain”. They've brought down several plays, including plenty of Shakespearean ones, and often have bands coming down for performances too. But if it’s the library you’re really after, they have you sorted. From book for reference, e-books, study material that spans philosophy, physics and history, to magazines and journals, it’s great for reference work, especially.

Keep an eye out for their workshops and talks, which are open to non-members too. They range from skill-based ones like photography, football and funding 101s to more culture oriented ones like learning about the British life, making policies, and musical extravaganzas. Of course, if you’re heading to Britain to study, they host plenty of workshops if you want to improve your English, or even if you’re completely new to the language. Teachers too can learn at their classroom session on how to make realistic lesson plans. 


They also organise plenty of events for kids, such as book readings, learning to identify letters on the alphabet, plays and more. So, don't leave the little ones out of your plans here!