Forget Chai, Load Up On Bubble Tea At These Hotspots In Town

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If you’re a chai lover but don’t mind being slightly adventurous, we highly recommend bubble tea. The recipes generally include a tea base {so yes, it’s quite healthy} shaken with fruit or milk, made using natural flavours with an addition of tapioca pearls and fruit jellies or bubbles. Served both warm and chilled, they come in a variety of unusual {but delicious} flavours. Also known as Boba tea, this Taiwan-originated sipping-eating phenomenon has become quite popular world-wide. We found that our city itself has a few establishments serving up this unique creation. Drink up!

Big Straw

Located in different areas of the city, Big Straw is perfect for a quick bite. Their menu of course includes pizzas, fries and other classics, but they are most popular for their drinks. Their bubble tea, which is a customer favourite, comes in set flavours. Whether you go for their fruity concoctions with the fruit bombs like the Passionista {peach tea with passion fruit bombs} or the lattes with tapioca pearls, you’ll be addicted in no time. Our other favourite is the green tea with basil leaves. So refreshing. So Zen!

Find your nearest Big Straw here.


Mango, berry, green apple or watermelon, they have a rather large collection of bubble teas on offer. But we highly recommend the soothing and fragrant Fresh As A Flower bubble tea. With Elder Flower extracts, it’s refreshing and to put it like the cafe does: it is the ‘spa’ of teas. Nicely bubbly at the top and properly pulpy at the bottom, these are great mid-day drinks that will work as a snack.