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Bubble Waffles To Waffle Pizza: Jayanagar Has A Dessert Spot That Serves All Kinds Of Yum

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Loaded with sugar, spice, and everything nice, this dessert spot in Jayanagar is out to make us throw away all our diet plans. People, say hello to Bubblewrap Waffle Co.

Baffled By Waffles

Our idea of waffles is simple — airy waffles with a copious amount of Nutella spread over it. But then we happened to have the waffles at Bubblewrap Waffle Co. where our idea was taken to a whole new level. Enter airy bubble waffles that are wrapped into cones, with the insides generously coated with Nutella. Now, depending on the choice of topping, here’s where the madness begins. If you are going for one of our favourites, the Cookies ‘n’ Dreams, then your bubblewrap waffle gets OTTed with {wait for it, it’s a bit long} Gems, Oreos, dark fudge, white chocolate chips, whipped cream and chocolate sticks. Biting into one is sure to spike your sugar levels. And finishing it all by yourself can likely lead to sugar coma {yes, we are a bit dramatic}.

Now, if you are in for something less OTT, there’s our other favourite, the Hello Mellow. Now, this one is the pretty one that can get you your 100+ likes on Instagram. Same process but only this time the bubble waffle is loaded with vanilla ice cream and white chocolate chips that are topped off with slightly toasted marshmallows and loads of sprinkles. Sugary? Oh yes! And chewy, thanks to the marshmallows.

A Whole Lotta Waffles

Now, with all that sugar in your blood, you are either likely to do what we did or just call it a day. If it’s the former, then check out the extended waffle option which consists of the smaller versions of the OTT Bubble waffle {just your regular waffle topped with said options}, and waffle sticks that get topped with everything from dark chocolate sauce to berry jam. Two sticks are what you get, should you order them waffle sticks — get your date this, we say.

Now, moving away from these sinful desserts, the savoury waffles are what can wash down all that sugar that you might have consumed. Start off with our favourite, the BBQ Chicken Waffdog, where a sausage is coated with the waffle batter. Once it’s cooked, the Waffdog is topped with BBQ sauce. Next up, go for the Smoked Sausage Pizza Waffle where a bubble waffle is topped with lots of cheese, olives, and diced smokes sausages.

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They have sundaes and shakes, but honestly, save it for your next trip.