Friends Visiting Town? Travel-Themed B & B ArtStudio In Koramangala Charges Only INR 2,000 A Night


If you’ve got friends or family coming over to Bangalore, ask them to skip the hotels and check in to ArtStudio, a lovely B&B in Koramangala that’s full of life.

We Heart Art

A house that comes filled not just with furniture but a lot of knick-knacks, cute corners and happy vibes — that’s ArtStudio for you. This boutique apartment is nestled inside one of Koramangala’s many green and leafy colonies.

Owned by Saurav, ArtStudio comes recommended for those who are visiting Bangalore for a few days or maybe even for you if you need to take a small staycation. It is a 1BHK, with a spacious hall and a kitchen to go with. What makes the space stand out is the attention to detail in each and every room. Full of curious, tokens and charms, you’ll find lots of postcards from across the world in one corner, while some souvenirs in another, buntings of mini flags dotting the apartment and several more little things to make your stay interesting. Also, did we mention that it is a pet-friendly place?

On Airbnb, the stay starts at INR 1,996 per night. You may check other travel portals for options.

Let Me Entertain You

What really makes it a home is the small things such as books kept around for you to pick up when you feel wistful or bored. Apart from that, since it is in such a central location – everything in Koramangala is just a pebble’s throw away. Here are a few offbeat activities to do in case you don’t just want to eat, drink, shop, repeat {it includes flying a virtual aircraft}.
Make your booking here, and let your buddies know where to go the next time they visit namma Bengaluru.