Spiffy Up With These Lace Ups From Budget Stores On Comm Street, All Under INR 750

Navya posted on 09 September

A budget shopper’s paradise, Commercial Street is where you can stock up your wardrobe with the funkiest buys without breaking the bank. On our latest shopping trip, we spotted hole-in-the-wall establishments and budget shops selling the coolest lace ups that you can jazz up a plain tee and jeans look in a jiffy. Plus, you can get them all for INR 750 or less. 

Thick Sole Sneakers @Rainbow Foot Wear

One of the first shops on the lane opposite Anand Sweets, Rainbow is a small makeshift stall that sells the latest trends in footwear. We spotted these thick-sole shoes in a variety of basic colours. The white ones were, of course, jazzed up with shiny gold, stripe details {you can also find them in pinks, silvers, and icy blues}.

Price: INR 650 before bargaining

Shoe Stores

Shop 1, Opp. Anand Sweets, Commercial Street, Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru

    Printed Lace Ups @ NCollections

    Diagonally opposite Rainbow Foot Wear, NCollections is a basement shop. Again the shoes come cheery and cheap here. The collection includes these adorable printed shoes that are fashioned from a slightly coarse but thick fabric.

    Price: INR 750 before bargaining

    Shoe Stores

    Shop 2, Near Anand sweets, Mk Lane, 1st Cross, Commercial Street, Bengaluru

    Denim Sneakers @ K.H. Foot Wear

    These ultra-cool denim sneakers are a common find in shops on Commercial Street but we recommend you swing by K.H. Foot Wear {in the lane next to Anand Sweets} to choose from a bunch of options.

    Price: INR 500 before bargaining

    Shoe Stores

    Shop 9/2/6, Gollar Lane, 1st Cross, Commerical Street, Tasker Town, Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru

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    Faux Leather Brogues @ Nanda Foot Wear

    Ebrahim Sahib Street is packed with shops selling everything from fabrics to shoes and baby clothes. A popular shop here is Nanda Foot Wear {a few doors down from Sagar Chats} where you can pick the next additions to your shoe rack. We found these no-fuss brogues in basic colours like brown, black, and beige.

    Price: INR 450 before bargaining

    Shoe Stores

    Near Sagar Chats, Ebrahim Saheb Street, Tasker Town, Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru

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      Distress and Floral Print Shoes @ RK Shoes

      Right below the Dupatta Centre on Ebrahim Sahib Street, this hole-in-wall stall showcases some seriously cute lace ups. Among the scores of options, we fell in love with these ones with the distressed look and the dainty floral prints.  

      Price: INR 250 before bargaining

      Shoe Stores

      Near Dupatta Centre, Ebrahim Saheb Street, Commercial Street, Tasker Town, Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru

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