Messy Shakes And Death By Bacon, Bunder's Budget Eats Are A Hit

Subhasish posted on 05 October


If you have a serious hankering for burgers and a some really messy shakes without burning a huge hole in your pocket, give this small cafe and burger joint a chance. The burgers here are sure to bring out the “bundar” in you.

Who Is It For?

Students and meat lovers will surely love this place for its rare-to-find budget friendly options. Unlike the majority of the eateries in Bangalore, they do not levy any exorbitant taxes.

What Is The Ambience like?

It is a small, cozy eatery with beer and bread inspired art by Bangalore artist Alicia Souza adorning the walls. Also, there is a smoking section where you can gorge on your food and smoke few without having to worry about blowing smoke into a non-smoker’s food.

Must Eat

Death by Bacon, The Messy Shake and definitely do try the Spicy Chicken Kheema Pav

How Was My Experience?

The staff here is very friendly and they will definitely give some great recommendations {The Messy Shake was a recommendation}. They also serve chai here in earthen cups, which is a rather nice touch.

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    Wi-Fi Available
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    Nearest Metro Station: Trinity
Location Details

Asha Mansion, 111, Ground Floor, 6th Cross, Club Road, 6th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru