Beer, Wine Or Kombucha: Brew Better, Easy & At Home Using The Master Brewer!

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What Makes It Awesome

So you're always waiting for the next Happy Hour, dreaming of some fresh craft beer served right off the tap. Wouldn't a love/passion like this call for you to take up the enjoyable homebrewing hobby? What's that? Don't want the 10-hour brewing hassle and your kitchen looking like a sticky mess? This won't ever happen, thanks to My Brewery, a homegrown business that designs and manufactures home brewing equipment. Their most popular product is the Master Brewer, touted to be India's first all-in-one home brewing kit that you can use to make craft beer, wine, kombucha and other fermentable foods. 

This genius piece of equipment calls for no separate kettles, or sparging buckets. It boils, mashes and turns into a fermentation bucket. All you need is 3-hours to brew each day. The food grade stainless steel Master Brewer will cost you INR 18,000 My Brewery will also replace the product in case of any defects, free of cost. Individual pieces like refractometers, mash paddles, airlocks, and siphons are also available to purchase. Further simplifying the brewing experience, My Brewery sources the best malted grains, hops and yeast from Europe, UK and USA that you can shop for directly on their website. 

New to brewing? Opt for the Recipe Kits that come with step-by-step instructions from start to end and the ingredients. Brew a Belgian Wheat or British Mild Ale without breaking into a sweat or busting your wallet. These kits cost the same or lower than assembling your own, and you can eventually begin creating your recipes!


The getting started section on their website has a Master Brewer tutorial to clear any doubt you may have. My Brewery ships across India and on the same day. Your orders should reach you within 4-5 days.