From Noob To Connoisseur: Elevate Your Brewing Experience With These Tools

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What Makes It Awesome

If coffee is your drink and you are still taking baby steps into the world of pour-overs, AeroPress, and have just started grinding coffee beans at home, we got you. Or rather, Finum has you covered with its range of coffee brewing paraphernalia. We are talking manual coffee grinders, drip coffee sets, coffee filters, and coffee filter papers. 

But it's not just coffee (and we love that it's not just coffee), you can also get your hands on the range of equipment for tea brewing. We are getting ourselves iced tea brewing pot because if there's a tea we will drink, it'll be ice tea. Of course, if you know someone who knows their coffee inside out, there are gifting options too. Check out the Double Walled Glass that comes with a filter and a lid. Or if you are willing to indulge a bit, you can get yourself the Bloom and Flow Drip Coffee Set. 


You can check out Finum's range on LBB and you can avail yourself free shipping on orders above INR 599. Oh and don't forget, you can use your Perks to get discounts and more Perks.