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No Rules, Just Rainbows: Brighten Your Hair With Popping Dyes From These Brands!


    Life in black and white is drab, you need some drama, some colour, my friend! We'd say follow the rainbow because at the end is no pot of gold but even better, rainbow hair! This hair trend is having a whole moment and we're here for it. Also, it doesn't look like it is going anywhere so you might as well brighten your and your life. We've got just the brands to help with this because they create and make all kinds of rainbow coloured hair dyes or bright colour hair dyes. Vegan, semi-permanent, nourishing, long-lasting we’ve listed ‘em all. Go ahead, make that purchase. You only live once, live it in colour. 



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    Coming in hot to the hair colour market, we must say that Paradyes is our new favourite brand. This is because they do many, many things right. For one, their hair dyes are semi-permanent and fade and evolve (last up to 10-15 washes) with time -- so constant experimentation and new looks, yay! Each hair colour is also made with ayurvedic extracts (read: amla, bhringraj, bhrahmi, aloe, hibiscus), is free of ammonia and peroxide and is completely vegan and cruelty free. The colours are off the charts -- highly pigmented and a creamy (ready-to-apply) formula -- you can pick from 9 different shades. Everything from bright yellow to aqua green! Might we also add that the graphics and packaging is totes heart eyes?

    Crazy Color

    Letting peeps flaunt and rock experimental and vibrant hair since 1977, Crazy Color has pretty much ruled over the colourful heads of the UK. Now their vegan, cruelty-free and ammonia-free hair dyes are all the rage in India too! They are originally know for their semi-permanent colours and shades that cover the entire spectrum -- we're talking from lime twist to candy floss, mauve and lilac to burgundy and rose gold and orange! They've recently launched temporary pastel hair dyes that can be sprayed to use and lasts only three washes. They are also one of the few (or could possibly be the only) to do metallic hair dyes and UV hair dyes (pop in natural and backlights). Time to get creative!

    Streax Professional

    Not too long ago, in October of 2020, just in time for the festive season, Streax Professional launched their Funky Colours Range of hair colours that had us swooning! Bold, vibrant and a whole lot of funk describes  this collection of 7 colours perfectly. We're loving the flirty red and glorious green (a deep bottle green shade). All of these hair dyes again are semi-permanent and deliver instant results. It's also ammonia and peroxide free. The brand also suggests mixing colours to create a custom shade of your own, now doesn't that sound like a fun art project for adults!

    Manic Panic

    Delivering colourful hair and happy customers from the time they launched nearly 5 decades ago in the US of A, Manic Panic has also been vegan and cruelty-free right from the start. They dabble in a bunch of formulas from semi-permanent hair colours to professional gel hair dyes to temporary spray on dyes and more. We love that aside from creating a bunch of vibrant colours they also create creamtones and pastel cream colours. For those who do not want to bleach their hair, we'd say check of the specially formulated colors for dark hair. These hair dyes are now available in India through sites like Amazon and Flipkart!

    Punky Colour

    Punky Colour from London just had a range of hair colour that screams OTT! Made using only quality hair loving ingredients, the brand is also proudly vegan and cruelty free. Their fit for a punk scene and rock and roll colours come in three formulas - demi permanent that lasts up to 3-6 weeks, semi permanent that can last over 35 washes and permanent (had limited/regular colours). Most interesting of their range though is the mood switch color -- a heat activated temporary hair colour formulated to change shades with cool or hot temperature (think purple to turquoise). This however, lasts only through one shampoo. Only a limited range of Punky Colour is available on popular shopping websites in India.


    Coloured hair means twice the care! And so you may want to invest in these hair-loving all natural shampoo brands (we'd recommend St. Botanica) and hydrating deep conditioners. We also have a list of top hair colour brands that in deal in all kinds of dyes and hair colours.