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Brew Best: Gear Up For Great Coffee Using International Quality Gear & Merch!


    What Makes It Awesome

    Coffee lovers you can fight us all you want, but you're only a coffee elite if you brew your own at home. Dare we say, home brewers also make substantially superior cuppas because they can control the process and the type of coffee better. What they cannot impact though, is the quality of the equipment. Which brings us to two things -- one, that you can be a home brewer only with the right gear and accessories and two, the brand that will help you achieve this great cup of coffee, each time, at home. 

    Say hello to Budan on the LBB Shop (yes, we sell coffee gear, merchandise and accessories too!) that has come to our rescue. This homegrown brand promises internationally acclaimed and professional caliber coffee machines, gear and accessories to first-time home brewers and brew masters alike. Despite being a mid-premium range brand, their whole end-goal is, of course, to help us make better coffee at home by staying pocket-friendly, easy-to-use and by creating products that are durable.

    The coffee noob in us has made a beeline to their French Press Coffee Maker and the stainless steel Moka Pot Coffee Maker. The latter boasts a pressurised extraction for optimal brewing and is ideal for black or filter coffee. Budan's range also includes a Coffee Leveler, Espresso Coffee Machine and Knock Box and a Coffee Tamper. All of these come with easy-to-use instructions and prices that start at an accessible INR 1,999. Psst, they are on sale on LBB right about NOW!