Need A Date? Get Chocolate Covered, Pitted, Or Stuffed Ones From Here!

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The Date House

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What Makes It Awesome

What’s good for health, rich and sweet, is a super versatile ingredient, a great snack, and a perfect prop for a cheesy pickup line? A date, that’s what! At the Date House, you get certified organic dates in all forms whole. 

Remember you’d get a box of dates from UAE and they’d be the perfect amount of sweet, earthy, and indulgent...and you’ll bite into a nutty surprise? The Date House definitely offers stuffed dates - with dry fruits (choose from pistachio, almonds, and walnuts), and chocolate covered ones at that! Of course they have the regular pitted dates, Ajwa (black, high in soluble fibre) dates, and Majdool (large, fleshy, sweet very close to fresh) dates, and date chocolates (premium white, dark, or milk chocolate stuffed with dates). The Chandigarh based brand believes that health and indulgence can go hand in hand, as dates have all the goodness of sweets, minus the nasties of  rich, processed sweets. 

The Date House operates online and delivers across the country. The dates are all available as gift boxes (with very pretty packaging, we might add) and are priced between INR 599 (basic pitted dates) and INR 1,199 (25 pieces of chocolate covered dry-fruit stuffed dates). Now you don’t need a Dubai return friend or fam to bring you luxurious dates, you can just order it online, or even here on LBB!


They also have a range of cookies available on their website from INR 199 upwards