This Filter Kaapi From The Western Ghats Is 80% Coffee, 20% Chicory & 100% Bliss

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What Makes It Awesome

Of all coffees, filter coffee ranks supreme to this writer. Many will agree, many may not, but they do know that filter coffee makes for a delicious cuppa. In its strong, fragrant, and frothy avatar, even more so. Like our newest filter coffee crush, Bean2brew from the Suma Coffee House. Serving and making patrons happy offline, for over a decade, Bean2brew is now building an online presence and is available on The LBB Shop. 

We recommend you give this new-but-no-so-new brand a go for three simple reasons (all to do with taste, because that's what matters) -- its freshness, its deep roast, and ripened flavors of chocolate and coffee. Also helps to know that every Bean2brew bag of Filter Coffee comes straight from coffee plantations and processing units of the Western Ghats. This is aftercare has been taken to pick the right beans and follow the right sun drying and curing processes. 

Presently, and uncomplicatedly so, Bean2brew has two blends - a premium blend (20% chicory) and a special blend (30% chicory). This distinction between the two is that one is stronger (extra chicory), more bitter than the other.  Bean2brew comes readily roasted and ground, all you need to do is, brew to preference, add milk, jaggery and pull to filter coffee perfection.