Wasabi To Pizza Crunch: This Gourmet Popcorn Brand Is Perfect For Your Netflix & Binge Sessions!

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Popcorns By The Crunch Box

What Makes It Awesome

No matter what, nothing beats the classic combination of popcorn and movies! And The Crunch Box, an online gourmet popcorn brand, just reinforces that. Made in-house following their own recipes, their range of popcorns are absolutely addictive and come in a range of exciting flavours. 

While the Warm Caramel Crunch with its handcrafted caramel and hints of vanilla seems to be the most popular option, we can’t wait to try the Dark Chocolate Overload or the Sticky English Toffee. If the sweet stuff doesn’t really cut it for you, The Crunch Box has everything from Jalapeno Cheese Poppers and Smokehouse BBQ to Chunky Munky Cheese (another top favourite, we’re told).

Ever heard of Wasabi popcorn? With a dash of candied ginger, these will set your taste buds on fire! While the Classic Pizza Krunch is much like a Margherita pizza-meets-popcorn, The Crunch Box also has Fiery Peri Bomb and classic Pink Himalayan Salt popcorn. While you're checking out flavours, keep an eye out for their new flavours which come in limited editions (almost every month).