Hippie Happy Humans: Cute Handloom Clothing That Is Tried-Tested & Kid Approved!

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What Makes It Awesome

OTT is what most kid's clothing labels channel in terms of aesthetic. Glitter, tulle, loud colours and unnecessary zips, frills and thrills -- we're surprised they'd like to think we'd want our little humans running around looking like a sprinkles ice cream cone and feeling uncomfortable at that! Time to leave this terrible fashion choice behind because HippieRutu's take is bang on the money (and the needs of parents and kids). Don't take our word for it, instead look to Rutu, the brand's mascot and Founder's darling daughter who lives in the clothing and models in it before granting her seal of approval!

Rutu is the inspiration for this Bangalore-based, shares mum Shruti who wanted a mix of comfort, care and colour for her baby. All of which she found in handlooms and handspun fabrics. Our favourite bit though is the brand's style or rather their take on 'hippieness' which is to be carefree yet mindful of our environment while creating minimal style clothing fashioned after elements of the 60s and 80s! Picture your kiddos (6 months to 5 years) in breathable, quirky and eye-catching old-school shorts, coats, frocks, pants and jumpsuits with the cutest puff sleeves, pleats, and pockets. The colours are very earthy, true to the fabric too.

Speaking of, all the fabrics, like mentioned, are handloom and handspun and very carefully handpicked from weavers of Bengal, Karnataka and other parts of the country. These (cotton/silk/wool/khadi) are also either  organically dyed or are free of non-toxic dyes to ensure complete safety when in use. Hear ye, cautious parents! 

Prices range between INR 500 to INR 2,000.


HippieRutu makes to order and only makes small batches of each collection to ensure quality and to stay eco-friendly. They also have a HippieRani section that celebrates rare saree weaves like Udupi Weaves. Hit the 'Enquire Now' button to place orders and queries, they ship pan India!