Buy Beautifully Handwoven Shawls, Stoles & Sarees From Weavers In Bhuj Here!


    Bhujodi is a distinct style of handloom that originates from Bhuj, Gujarat. This region is famous for it’s beautiful handloom products. Scores of weavers’ families inhabit these villages with master weavers and craftsmen and women specialised in this old art.

    Traditionally they used to weave ‘Kala’ cotton sarees, stoles and woollen stoles and shawls or even yardage which was dyed with natural colours but now they have expanded the range of colours to include synthetic dyes too. The threads are first coloured by hand and left to dry. Post that the loom is mounted with these threads and the weaving begins. A single saree takes about 2 to 4 days depending upon the complexity of the design.

    We found you a way to connect directly with the weavers and buy from them. This family from Bhuj is selling their handwoven sarees, shawls and stoles online and trying to bring this art to your wardrobes directly. You can go through their instagram page and reach out to them with the selections. They can converse in Hindi comfortably and very basic english.

    The best part is custom orders!! If you can place a minimum order for the products, you can get custom designed sarees, stoles and shawls for yourself and your friends at the most reasonable prices. What else can be better than ordering directly from a weaver and being a part of the process !! The stoles n shawls are very trendy and can be styled easily with most Western outfits. Plus these make great gifts for anybody since most designs are unisex.

    This weaver also shares videos and pictures of your orders taking shape on the loom.! So log on to their page and place your orders for the Bhujodi shawls and sarees right away! It’s the best one can do To be Vocal for Local

    Prices for Sarees: INR 4000 onwards
    Prices for Stoles and Shawls : INR 700 onwards