Vintage Wine Goblets To Block Printed Linen: Posh Pitara's Home Essentials Wow!

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Posh Pitara

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What Makes It Awesome

We'll get straight to it - what makes Posh Pitara an up and coming home essentials and lifestyle products store? Its diversity - both in what's available for sale and the kinds of artisans they work with and source from. Think of it like a marketplace for often unnoticed but super cool and skilled craftsmen to sell their products to mainstream customers, those who prefer to shop online.

Personally, Posh Pitara makes life easy for someone like me who so wants to shop local and off the streets but never finds the time. I have managed to discover some awesome finds on Posh Pitara, thanks to LBB! My favourite? The Textured Vintage Wine Goblets, hands down! Not only are they one of a kind in their stained glass colours and finish, since they're textured, the ribbed pattern means a klutz like me cannot break wine glasses anymore! Posh Pitara also does other variations of wine glasses like cool ombre and swirl glasses. Another thing you must buy off their catalogue are the Jaipuri block printed and hand-painted bedsheets and pillow cover sets. Made of a 100% cotton and hefty in weight, these don't bleed, itch or break the bank. Each set is nominally priced at INR 1,999.

Posh Pitara also sells handmade ceramics, wall plates, metal home accents (candle holders, lanterns, lights) and stools too. Find more details on their website and to shop now, just hit Shop Now! Use your LBB perks for added discounts.