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Brewed In Bhutan, Made For India: Why We Love Kati Patang Beer

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Kati Patang

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What Makes It Awesome

Just like its name, Kati Patang is free spirited and has it's one unique, bold take on craft beer! While it is a very desi beer, it's interesting to note that it's really brewed in Bhutan (thanks to the lovely Himalyan water there!). I tried the Zesty Amber at an intimate event in Bangalore to introduce the city of beer to this brand. And I was very much a fan from the get go! A gorgeous amber yellow, it's made from Himalayan spring water (something which founder Shantanu says was really the game changer if the taste of this beer), and has a good malty flavour with a strong caramel aftertaste. I am told that the new version is a bit less malty, and more hoppy, but not such a distinct change. It is an easy beer to drink, and it goes down really smooth! All those who like American Amber, you're going to be pleased! 

Their other variety is Snappy Wheat which is perfect for an Indian palate as it's loaded with organic and Indian spices. From peppercorn and coriander to ginger and turmeric, the beer is India in a bottle. Well, the spices at least. I also tasted a hit of tang thanks to the lemon rind, but all in all, a citric and light Belgian Wit beer. I think it'll work well with biryani on a Sunday afternoon, with jazz music in the background! 


Shop for these beers by looking for your city and the outlet -- retail store or bar and restaurant on official Kati Patang website. They presently available in Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai and Namma Bengaluru.