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Olive The Tea Life: World's First Finest Processed Olive Teas Are Here!

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Who ever thought the unassuming olive (its leaves, specifically) would emerge as such a strong contender to green tea? Well, we sure didn't until we caught whiff of Oliria. This homegrown brand has introduced Olive Tea and its health benefits to the universe, and we are here to spill all the tea on it!

    First, let's talk process. Oliria handpicks fresh olive leaves from the farms of Rajasthan (no importing business here), that is then gently washed with ozonised water to rid all impurities. These are cut and dried real slow, in controlled temperatures to enhance the health properties and retain aroma. With twice as many antioxidants than green tea, a cup of olive tea everyday will boost immunity, relieve stress, fight fatigue, help with weight loss and ageing claims Oliria. The many reviews on their IG highlights are quite assuring.

    The flavour is described as being very herbal, but aside from the OG Natural Olive Tea, Oliria has four other flavours available in pyramid bags -- Basil Olive, Lemongrass Olive, Mint Olive and Rose Olive. So floral, earthy or minty fresh, you can pick what you prefer. We also like the packaging -- eco-friendly and expensive looking, each box has 20 sachets.Place your orders via the Oliria website and also read up on the other health benefits (there are too many to mention). Prices start at INR 750. You can have your olive teas shipped to you anywhere in the country.

      Available Online