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Build-A-Forest: This Crazy Plant Lady Will Help Make Your Home An Urban Jungle!

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What Makes It Awesome

All it will take for you to fantasize about a cute pot, make watering a hobby and smile every time you see a succulent, is an introduction to Shweta of A Million Forests. This plant momma, like her brand's name, has close to a million plant babies (don't quote us on that) or at least wants to own as many and take everyone with her on this jungle journey! 

The therapeutic nature of plants and the peace of mind it brings, caused Shweta to give up lucrative careers as a photographer and engineer, and move towns, to set up a plant and planters workshop in Goa. This says something about the magic of plants, doesn't it? With A Million Forests her mission is to encourage people to take up plant parenting as an everyday role and retire indoor plants from being the "keepers of the balconies". With expertise in plant styling, Shweta gives out tips on how to practically build a mini forest with very little effort anywhere in your home -- bedroom, dining table, a window sill too!

To support this styling and parenting safari, A Million Forests sells lesser-known plants like monsteras, pileas and begonias among others. They also work with artisans in Goa and across India to design stylish and rustic themed planters/hangers/stands using materials like ceramics, terracotta, macrame, metal, and even cane. When your plant and planter is shipped to you in sustainable, cloth packaging, expect a brochure on how to care for it too. 

Prices for the plants and planters range between INR 500 and INR 3,000.


Feel free to connect with Shweta to discuss space constraints and other troubles, she has afterall moved 14 houses in Goa, each time setting up a new forest to turn the house into a home.