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Cough Coughfee: Did We Hear You Laud This Brand's Single Origin Coffee ?


    What Makes It Awesome

    If you've wondered how art and coffee are correlated after a blissful cup of caffeine packed goodness, here's the answer. Saltoro Coffee Roasters is a brand that deals in single-origin coffee from the most far flung corners of India. Its goal? To deliver the most aromatic goodness sourced directly from farmers and to establish a connect with homegrown artists. Such is their affinity towards artists that each of their brews, distinct and profound in their notes, are named after famous music composers (read: Chaupin, Barnby, Vivaldi and Mahler). Roasted at their in-house facility in Delhi by master coffee-roasters, each brew emanates joy, much like the composers mentioned earlier.

    The full-bodied Vivaldi is a bestseller. Ideal for French-press lovers, it contains notes of red currant and is bold, suitable for all just like Antonio Vivaldi's notes. For a more fruity note, Barnby is another bestie with its zesty and delicate notes, good enough to uplift your lazy mood like Joseph Barnby's music would. For an early morning kick of caffeine that goes just well with milk, try the brand's Chopin, a dark roast with notes of toffee and nougat. Then there's also the all day any day coffee, Mahler, with notes of Marshmallow, Cherry and Caramel that can be consumed anytime, ideally as an evening beverage. They sell in 250g and 500g priced between INR 445 - INR 845.

    We highly suggest checking out their Instagram page where they recommend coffee recipes, the likes of Affogatos and Pumpkin Spiced Lattes with their signature roasts.


    Buy the brand's sampler pack containing all their coffee roasts to eliminate any confusion.