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Make Your IPL Screening Fun With These 8 Yum Snack Brands


    Live sports for the year have begun again and that means sitting on the couch and getting glued to watching your favourite team play. With the IPL 2022 season on its last leg, there's nothing like watching all the matches until the big finale. And if you are like us, you'll need an endless supply of snacks whenever there's a match going on. We've gone ahead and made matters easy for you by picking up some of our favourite snack brands you can buy online on LBB. And yes, we've tried and tested each one of these snacks, because well, they are snacks. 

    Mo's Bakery


    Available on LBB

    When you need something sweet but not dessert, might we recommend Mo's Bakery? Essentially a home bakery, order bite-sized cookies in an assortment of flavours including coconut, beetroot and dark chocolate, oatmeal and cinnamon. We also love the little lemon drops, and the vanilla ones too. But the all-time favourite and tie for the top spot are the coffee cookies and ginger snaps. Or better yet, the multi-pack that has five options, and no matter who wins the match, these will win your heart and tummy!

    Must-Try: Coconut Cookie, Sugar-free Coffee Cookies, and Set Of 5 Cookie Gift Box

    Price: INR 160 upwards



    Available on LBB

    Snack guilt-free with Teebite's gluten-free, nut-free snacks. Made from healthy Indian grains, pick up bites such as Peri Peri Nachni bites, which are perfect for anyone who likes spicy flavours. The Chilli Cheese Corn bites and tangy Lemon Chatka Jowar bites are our favourites. Do try the Sriracha Jowar, Tandoori Tadka Corn or Mango Jalapeno Jowar bites as well. There's no harm. Oh, and did we tell you that some of these snacks are vegan too? 

    Must-Try: Chilli Cheese Corn Bites, Lemon Chatka Jowar Bites, Mango Jalapeno Jowar Bites, and Gift Hamper 

    Price: INR 200 upwards

    Motherland Superstore

    Banana Chips or Tapioca ones that are South India approved? Yes please, we wrote this piece in Bangalore, so you know we won't fake it when it comes to the sacred chips! Motherland Superstore uses hand-picked ingredients for their kettle-cooked chips, which by the way are also gluten-free, and we love it. There is rock salt, curry leaves and a regular one, so go forth and snack. Doesn't matter if your team isn't from the south! 

    Must-Try: Banana Crisps and Tapioca Chips

    Price: INR 360 upwards

    Popcorn & Co.

    Popcorn & Co.

    Available on LBB

    Whether you are a Gujarat Titans fan or love Mumbai Indians. Or your heart bleeds blue for Delhi Capitals and your family's for RCB, let every match be fun with flavoured popcorn from Popcorn & Co. They will sort out with their range of flavoured popcorns such as Choco Caramel, and Blueberry. They also have a range of biscotti and cookies as well as DIY popcorn kits. 

    Must-Try: Choco Caramel, Caramel Krisp, Garlic Cheese, and Butter Vanilla

    Price: INR 190 upwards

    BRB Chips


    Available on LBB

    We've been snacking on BRB Chips ever since they came on LBB. Unlike regular fried potato chips, these chips are popped using heat and pressure (much like popcorn), as light, crispy, snacks. We like that the packets contain more chips than other brands! Our favourite flavour is the Bhel flavour which fully appeals to our Indian palate. For the more global flavours, our picks are the Cheese & Caramelised Onion option, and Roasted Garlic & Herb option made with sweet potato. Even the Sweet Chipotle Potato option comes highly recommended. Just buy them all.  

    Must-Try:  Bhel, Cheese & Caramelised Onion, Roasted Garlic & Herb, and Sweet Chiptole Potato

    Price: INR 240 upwards

    Popcorn Fusion

    Popcorn Fusion

    Available on LBB

    Nothing like popcorn to add to the drama of the already extra dramatic IPL! And no better popcorn than Popcorn Fusion! Our colleague in Delhi swears by it and says it is fresh, crunchy, and full of flavour. There are plenty of those to pick from as well! Think fruit candy, choco caramel, dark chocolate, cheese, and pizza Italiano, in addition to the classic salted butter and caramel! There's also a mix of the latter two which is a match made in popcorn heaven. Buy some, and thank us later!

    Must-Try: Caramel Popcorn, Magical Candy, and Nutty Double Choco

    Price: INR 199 upwards

    Postcard Snacks


    Available on LBB

    Postcard Snacks does local snacks like a boss. They have a range of regional snacks from across the country and so just like the IPL, you can also do a whole cross country snack battle. We love the Hurigalu from Bengaluru (a delicious combination of crunchy deep-fried lentils, in short, the perfect chakna) and Sattur Seeval from Tamil Nadu. 

    Must-Try: Bengaluru Hurigalu, Sattur Seeval, and Kolkata Channachur

    Price: INR 65 upwards 

    Omay Foods

    Omay Foods

    Available on LBB

    Omay Foods does ready-to-eat healthy snacks, made with superfoods like nuts, seeds, and berries that are roasted, and contain no oil, preservative or artificial flavours. You'll love the on-the-go packaging and the fact that all the snacks use classic roasting techniques. Nutrition-abundant ingredients are blended into each of their jars and pouches, making them perfect for a guilt-free binge.

    Must-Try: Spicy Masala Solid Moong, Beaten Channa, Potato Flakes, and Nutty Mix

    Price: INR 220 upwards


    We've also got a list of healthy snacks to binge on while watching IPL. We're also mighty tempted by these gourmet flavoured popcorns (think pizza to red velvet)! Also, don't forget to whip up easy to make cocktails using these alcohol mixers.