This Shoe Label From Old Street London Puts Quality & Comfort First At A Bargain

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London Rag

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What Makes It Awesome

Tired and battered trumps unstylish feet any day because we would always pick comfort over style. The upside is, with London Rags, we and you won't ever have to choose between the two again! This Instagram fashion label that was conceived and built in a basement near Old Street London has now made its way to India holding still to its mantra of appealing and providing for the masses and classes alike with quality before anything else. 

The women's clothing here - tank tops, dresses and slip-ons are all hits already but we're here to gush about the footwear. Built to last and in designs that today's it-girl will appreciate and gladly welcome in her closet is what you will find. Team LBB has already bought a pair of London Rag strappy flats (on LBB Shop, of course) and is now eyeing the classic ballerina, especially the ones with a subtle leopard print! If you want desi with a side of jazz, check out the animal print or interwoven design one-toe flats. Slingbacks also seem like a good style to bag from here. 

London Rag also stocks trendier options in styles like tie-up block heels, handwoven mules, stylish espadrilles and strappy high heels. Comfort is guaranteed across the board though, as is a good bargain! Anything you shop for from London Rag will throw style and value for money at you. Prices for the footwear starts upwards of INR 760, don't forget to use your LBB perks at the checkout for additional discounts!