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Wonderful Waste: Adorn Your Walls, Homes Or Necks With Unique Upcycled Art Here!

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    What Makes It Awesome

    If there ever were a certain way we wanted fabric waste to look like (sounds absurd, but stick with us), we'd want Frida Kahlo in the form of a brooch or a swanky Maldhari Man cushion. Perplexed? Don't be, because waste is wonderful in Delhi-based, DITI, a label that has us saying 'waste not, want all'. 

    Ever since Diti Mistry, the Founder discovered the concept of sustainability, she has been on a mission to collect waste fabric from local tailors, boutiques, weavers and block printers to gloriously upcycle them into pieces of art. Unique or one-of-kind doesn't even begin to describe her aesthetic and we aren't exaggerating. Diti started out with fashioning and hand making elaborate neckpieces with Indian fabric -- think ajrakh scraps and tassels layered with wooden beads and buttons or intricately wound jute pendants. Every piece bold, and statement making! 

    We, though, are absolutely swayed by the home accessories Diti creates. These are inspired by travels, characters from history and symbolism, each also telling a story of its own. Like the fierce and colourful Bull Head, a wall accessory that channels an untamed, unapologetic and unafraid energy. If you want to enliven your corners, statement cushions like the Maldhari Man, Woman of Kutchh and Gajah (elephant head) are must-buys or at least 'must check-out' on Diti's range. We for one, can't wait to gift ourselves a Frida Kahlo brooch with buttons and fabric for a crown! 

    In all, nothing you spot on Diti's range of handcrafted art will disappoint simply because of its never seen, tribal, almost-bohemian and playful aesthetic. 


    Products start at the INR 650 range going up to 5,000. Diti works with local and disadvantaged women to create its products, so shop away to support not only the environment but also livelihoods.