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    Your Caffeine Fix Now Comes Home Thanks to Swiggy and Cafe Coffee Day

    Navya posted on 05 December


    Swiggy, a food-delivery app, partners with Cafe Coffee Day to bring you cuppa and small eats, right to your doorstep.

    Take a coffee break

    Slurping on frothy cups of coffee while lazing about at home or while pretending to work at your desk, is now a reality. Swiggy and Cafe Coffee Day have teamed up to bring your favourite brew right to your doorstep. The popular cafe has put up its entire menu on the delivery site and you can pick from teas, biryanis, rolls, sandwiches, and pizzas apart from the long list of coffees. You also get a free bottle of raspberry-flavoured water when you order munchies.

    Price: INR 85 upwards

    Check out Swiggy’s website here to place your order.

    Download the Swiggy app here.

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