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Korean Coffee And Cakes With A Dollop Of Whimsy At Cake House Story Cafe

Akshaya posted on 12 November


If you’re just looking for a quiet, chill place to sit back and read a book, with an occasional snack or a wallet-friendly meal in-between, Story Cafe is the perfect place to hit up.

Chow Down

Kimchi fried rice, or a slice of freshly baked cake

Sip On

Green Tea Frappucino

Winning For

Hands down, the ambience. Each room is playful, and very thoughtfully decorated {more on that later}.

Lowdown On The Ambience

This cafe is inconspicuous, and we spent a good 15 minutes looking for it {it’s right across the road from Moyra Sweets in an unmarked building}. We even convinced ourselves it didn’t exist. But fortune favours the persistent, and we were soon climbing the steps to a small apartment converted into a three-room restaurant. The room you enter into is the largest, and had some very whimsical wall decor. The second room offers Korean-style floor seating with a warm glow to it, while the third has four tables, one a re-purposed sewing machine. Adorable!

Fanciful Feast

Since it was 4 PM, we decided to try out their tea time treats. Unfortunately most of the cakes had already sold out, so you’ll have to get there a little earlier if you want their full selection of baked goods. We really wanted to try the sweet potato cake but alas. We finally decided on a chocolate chiffon cake, a fresh fruit shortcake, a caramel macchiato and an Oreo frappachino.

The chiffon cake was forgettable but the shortcake had a fresh tutti-frutti flavour, with delicious chunks of kiwi. Our drinks were well-made and large, albeit a little overpriced. We also ordered a kimchi fried rice, which was spicy and pungent. The portion was just right, and the dish came with a free drink! We’re excited for our next visit — the ramen looked mouth-wateringly good. They also serve Korean-style fried chicken {if you’ve never tried it, you’re in for a treat} from the nearby Thran restaurant, so we have that on our radar, too!

So We’re Thinking…

The place is filled with students {mostly Korean} doing work, so if you’re looking for somewhere quiet yet sociable, you’ll love this little hidden gem!


Unlike most other cafes, Storybook offers unlimited WiFi, so it’s already ahead of the game!

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Cake House - Story Cafe

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locationKalyan nagar

5th 'A' Main Road, 2nd Block, Near Axis Bank, HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru

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locationKalyan nagar