Watch A Film For Just INR 50 With This Movie Card

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Say ‘aye’ if you have grumbled about the hike in movie ticket prices in the recent past. We know, we’re on that complaining bandwagon as it’s really taking a toll on our already meagre bank accounts! So imagine our excitement when Carnival Cinemas launched their MoviECard. A film subscription card that works at all Carnival Cinemas, in Bangalore, as well as Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Calcutta among others. The idea of this card is to allow you to watch eight films within a entire month, but for the price of just INR 50. How cool is that? OK, maybe not on Friday, Saturday and Sunday but that’s still 8 odd films for just INR 399.

Unfortunately, Bangalore has only one Carnival Cinema, at the Rockline Mall, Jalahalli Cross. But hey, if we can watch a new film every day, without burning a hole in our pockets, sign us up. Also, if you travel a lot, then the good thing about this MoviECard you can use it at their other 300 cinemas as well.

So, who wants to go watch today, tomorrow and every day?