Bangalore's First Vegan Restaurant Has Been Dishing Out Pastas To Chocolate Cake For Years Now

    Koramangala, Bangalore

    What Makes It Awesome

    Garlic Cream Pasta, Almond Pesto Paella, Mini Rasmalais, this list of deliciousness goes on. Using vegan substitutes like coconut milk, mushrooms and tofu, these vegan dishes are just as tasty as their dairy and meaty counterparts. The menu also boasts of unique fusion dishes, that combines elements of different world cuisines, like their Mushroom Stroganoff and Millet Burrito.

    Aiming to serve healthy and wholesome food that we can all guiltlessly consume, Carrots has categorised their menu into three health levels — H1, H2 and H3 – with H1 being the ultra-healthy and unprocessed options, H2 being the more indulgent meals and H3 being the warm and familiar comfort foods. Their generous portions and reasonable pricing just add to the list of reasons you should head down there.

    Carrots is here to show you that a vegan lifestyle doesn’t mean the end of your palate's relationship with tasty food. With its ethical approach and it’s obvious environmental and health benefits, maybe it’s time to give vegan food a chance. And with these many mouth-watering options, including a fully-fledged desserts section, it’s definitely worth a try. So make a stop at the restaurant in Koramangala’s 6th Block and gorge on a plate of vegan deliciousness. Too lazy? Carrots also does home deliveries to every part of the city, so give them a call and sit back and wait for your vegan health kick to arrive.


    The OCD - Obsessive Chocolative Disorder on their dessert menu is a must-have. Who knew vegan dessert was possible, forget mind-blowingly tasty?

      Koramangala, Bangalore