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Tea, Maggi And Chilli Cheese Toast: This Chai Restaurant Is All Kinds Of Right

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For those of you who love tea — Darjeeling, Kahwa or herbal, Chai Galli is a fine option. They even have typical snacks like samosas and Maggi to go with it.

What Is It?

We Indians do love out tea. And taking on this craze for chai and the nibbles that go with it, is what the Chai Galli restaurant has looked to capitalise on. Offering over 10 types of tea with snacks ranging from nachos to khakhra, it’s quite an interesting take on the usual chai time. Oh, and sandwiches too!

Who Is It For?

Tea lovers and for anyone looking to duck into a cool themed-restaurant instead of sipping tea by the wayside.

More About The Ambience

A casual dining place which has got the traditional foldable chairs, the kind of chairs that were once quite popular sitting options at homes. Wooden high tables and long tables are set up across the restaurant.  They also seem to have a really long wooden table which is more like the community table with nice lights above them. A special mention goes to Indian Railways logo that also dons the wall. And to the washbasin that is a really a kettle and water comes out of the spout!

Must Eat

Nachos platter, Tadkewala Maggi, Khamini {that is dhokla and khakhra} and Chilli Cheese Toast

Tea Off

These are teas meant for special tea lovers. The Indian ones are a bit light since we’re all used to heavily brewed tea. But I tried Rooibos and Rose tea and loved both of them. So refreshing.

More About The Experience

I am glad to have visited this place and enjoyed the array of food options available.  The combination of good food, ambience and location really works for Chai Galli. While it is all the way in Brookfield at the moment, the rumour mill says they’ll soon be in Koramangala.

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