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#GoHereEatThis: Banana Cake At Chai Point

Navya posted on 16th September

Ten-Second Takeaway

During your next trip to Chai Point, if you think your cup of tea looks a bit lonely sitting there by itself, order slices of their banana cake. It’s a very worthy companion, we assure you!

Go Bananas

Plenty of tea lovers, in the city, have come to rely on the nearest Chai Point for their daily dose of chai. And, of course, Chai Point has also won brownie points with its delivery service that brings cardboard cartons of tea right to your desk at work or to your home. But what happens when you are feeling peckish too? Well, look no further than their Banana Cake.

There’s nothing fancy about it — it’s a simple tea cake. But the generous slices, the fact that it is ever-so-slightly moist and not too sweet, makes it the perfect snack. The crumbly chunks come with just a hint of banana and if you want to rev things up, a scoop of vanilla ice cream will up the decadence quotient. At INR 36, this is bang for your buck!

What Else Is On The Menu

Well, they’ve got plenty else on their menu. You can go for hot and iced teas. Flavours range from the classic Masala Chai {a hot favourite} to the refreshing Ginger Lemon versions. Dum Chai, Masala Chai, Green Tea, and sugarless teas are on offer too. You can either dive into the Chai Point near you or simply order up flasks of tea, as we mentioned before. If you prefer iced versions, their Lemon Iced Tea or Cranberry version. However, their hot offerings do really take the {banana} cake here. In summers, don’t forget to try their thick and delicious Mango Shake.

Want something savoury to go with it? Their Poha stands out and is a great breakfast {light lunch} option. You can also try their filling sandwiches or their Vada Pav and samosas that make for a quick, satisfying bite. Plates of Maggi, puffs, muffins, and brownies round off the menu.

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