Choose Your Brew By Mood At Chai Safari's Online Tea Store


Chai Safari’s online store lets you pick from their range of teas and blends, all guided by your mood or taste preferences.

Tea Off

Whether you’re an ardent tea lover or someone who has recently discovered the goodness of chai, choosing the perfect brew might not always be easy. Chai Safari’s online store will solve that for you. Bringing fresh tea leaves right from the estates in Darjeeling and Assam, the three-month-old venture offers 23 kinds, from Darjeeling tea {according to its different flushes or periods of harvesting} to White tea {considered to be the purest form of the beverage}. This also includes a few blends created by their experts. And to make things easier, they let you shop according to your mood {they have options like fresh, romantic, excited, relaxed and even mysterious!} or the preferred attributes {taste, aroma and strength}. Started by the Darjeeling-based duo, Vivek Singhal and Ashish Agarwal, the website’s choices are all based on research of the different teas and their psychological effects.

As You Like It

Looking for something to start your morning on a fresh note? They suggest Whole Leaf Green or blends of green tea, like Mint Green and Lemon Mint Green. Look out for the Rose Green blend which has green tea with rose leaves. If you’re in a more vibrant and excited mood, pick the Second Flush Assam CTC with its robust flavour and unmatched zing. Shopping by attributes lets you specify the level of aroma, briskness or taste you’d like, and add whether you want more of caffeine or antioxidants in your cuppa.

Spice It Up

Owing to popular demand, they also have Classic Masala Chai, Bombay Cutting Chai and Assam Masala Chai. Oh, and you can even make your own masala tea! Go ahead and take your pick from the seven spices to go with your brew {the folks at Chai Safari will take care of the proportion}. Brought straight from the estates and vacuum-packed {as per the orders}, they make sure your stock of tea reaches you without any loss of freshness. And if you’re floored by the flavours go ahead and share your tea stories {in under 140 characters} in their #TinyTeaTales campaign on Facebook; selected entries get to win exciting discounts, we hear.


They are all set to introduce iced teas very soon! Stay tuned.

Price: INR 100 for samplers, INR 225 upwards for 200gm packs {orders above INR 500 are delivered free of charge}

Contact: +91 9536933313

Find them on Facebook here.

Check out their website here to order online.