Momo Lovers! You Gottta Try This Koramangala Restaurant’s Black Cheese Version

    Koramangala, Bangalore


    Bangalore just took its momo game to the next level! Koramangala’s 30 Square is offering cheesy, charcoal momos that’ll give you plenty of food for thought.

    Black Is Beautiful

    In this age of black ice creams and black waffles, why should the good old momo be left behind? So, 30 Square in Koramangala has jumped right onto the food trends bandwagon! The menu here is made of Chinese, Tibetan, and Nepali creations. But the momo section sure does grab eyeballs.

    Under the signature offerings, you’ll find the Charcoal Cheese momos. We ordered a plate and what we got were shiny, jet-black momos filled to the skin with melty, molten cheese and specks of mushroom. It’s perfect for those days when you’d like a plate of comfort food!

    Momo Land

    We also love that they offer customised momos.  You can choose from fillings like burnt chilli or coriander mushroom or basil, chicken corn. Then, you can dictate how your momos are cooked — Tandoori, Deep Fried, Chilli Coated {for the daredevils!} and an Afghani version where the momos are cooked in thick, creamy sauce. You can also go for momo wraps and traditional, Nepali soup momos.

      Koramangala, Bangalore