Fluffy Tea Cakes, Pick-Me-Up Chai And Phulka Shawarmas: Say Hello To Koramangala's Chaska Bun

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Along with all of the above, add some maska to the whole wheat buns, and you have got yourself the perfect 4 pm snack. Leaving aside the shawarmas, your bill would be just under INR 100 for a tea-snack combo.

Bun-Tastic Menu

Whole wheat buns {85 per cent whole wheat} are what Chaska Bun is all about if you didn’t get that from the name itself. The bun obsession {chaska} is clearly seen on the menu that’s perfect for breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner. Starting with the usual and crowd favourites Chaska Bun Maska and the Chaska Bun Maska Jam, the bun menu takes you through interesting options such as Chaska Bun with Aloo Samosa, Chaska Bun with Egg Masala Gravy, Chaska Bun with Egg Burji, and Chaska Bun with Omelette and Cheese. Now, you don’t need us telling you which ones to order when on your varying hunger pangs. But if you are hungry enough to eat a horse, might we suggest the Chaska Bun with Egg Masala Gravy? Need a quick bite with your tea? Order the mini buns instead of the regular.

One Shawarma And Tea, Please

Apart from the fresh buns generously spread with butter and jam, what we really like are the shawarmas and the varieties of tea. The tea menu is split across milk, honey, and lemon varieties with the lemon kind taking top spots for us. Dubbed the ‘Tea-quila’ menu, you have Shot, Break {regular}, and Fanatic {large} sizes with the Shot served in a shot glass complete with lemon and ginger slices, and the sugar rim. That’s your pick up shot, right there. Cinnamon tea from the milk section and Honey Lemon Mint Tea from the honey section get our nod as well. The date, carrot, and wheat tea cake is what you need to pair your tea with if you are looking for a quick bite. Soft and refined sugar-free {only dates are added}, these tea cake slices appease those slight hunger pangs.

Served within soft phulkas, the shawarmas are definitely a bite of fresh taste with the juicy grilled chicken doused in mayo and spicy sauce {regular version available as well}. Adding a bit of crunch are the cabbage-cucumber slaw. What we really like is that the phulkas hold firm to the last bite even if you have requested for extra sauce like us. Perfect for those 4 pm snacks, pair it with a tea of your choice and you are set for rest of the day.