Sort All Your Sweet Cravings At This New Dessert Parlour In Kacharakanahallii!

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Frozen Dessert: A newly opened ice cream/ dessert parlour in Kacharakanahalli, right next to empire hotel. Must tries: Tiramisu , death by chocolate, sherbert ice cream , Montero etc
The concept of serving tiramisu as ice cream really blew my mind. It was something new and when I took a bite I was so surprised by the taste. It tasted exactly like the tiramisu dessert.
Montero had scoops of black currant and strawberry ice creams with fresh imported fruits like blackberries, raspberries and mixed berries. The ice cream was really fresh and light.
They offer various varieties of milkshakes too. I have tried popcorn milkshake before but it was never upto the mark but the popcorn milkshake from here was bang on.
Their ice creams are super fresh and are made with quality ingredients.
Definitely my current favourite for ice cream.