Tractors, Unicorns, F1 Cars Or Lions: These Custom Cookies Make The Best Gifts!

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What Makes It Awesome

If you're looking to give customised gifts to celebrate an occasion, gift someone for their birthday, or you want to give away party favours you know your guests will truly appreciate, check out Cheer Cookie Co. Any cookie idea your dream up, they'll bake and turn into reality. A chance message on Instagram introduced me to Nandini, the founder of this lovely home enterprise, and turns out, she's my neighbour. So naturally, we had to sample the talented neighbours' creations!

Asking us only what kind of theme we liked, the age group in the household and a few likes and dislikes, she was busy planning up some custom cookies. A few days later, we had tractors, cars, beaches, waves and aeroplanes at our table...all edible of course. We were loathe to eat them, but there's only so much you can admire a cookie from a distance, eh! 

We dived into them and polished them off in no time. Not too sweet (like most other cookies), these are crumbly but don't make a mess. What we also loved is that despite being sugar cookies with royal icing (all the colourful art is made of icing suger), they do not leave a pasty aftertaste in the mouth. Cheer Cookie Co's cookies last for about a week, if not about 10-12 days. For how to care for your cookies, I really liked that they have a little postcard that tells you to keep them in an air-tight jar, to pop them in the oven for a bit if you want it crumble. But my advice? Just eat them immediately! 

They do pan-India delivery for all sorts of events like baby showers, weddings, birthdays and more, so if you really want something customised, and not the usual, hit up Cheer Cookie Co. Oh, and Valentine's Day is coming up. Just saying!

Prices start at INR 300