The Best Indie, Local Organic Skin Care Brands You Can Start Using From Today

Reasons to ditch your commercial, chemical-infused skincare products for natural and cruelty-free products —it’s so good for your skin, you reduce your carbon footprint, there are thought and effort that goes into making natural products, and you’ll be helping out a local brand. Convinced yet? We’ve listed out the yummiest, feel-good natural skincare brands in this ultimate list that you need to bookmark and possibly share with anyone looking to switch to natural and organic skincare products. 

Do Bandar

Do Bandar, a brand from Bangalore, does bath and body organic product. All their products, including soaps, bath oils, lip butter and foot scrubs, are developed from scratch and are made from recipes handed down from generation to generation. They don’t test on animals which is a great bonus. Plus, they do have organic conditioning soaps and paw balms for your furry buddy. How many animal care brands can boast of that?

BubbleNut Wash

Made of soap nut, or what we call reetha, BubbleNut Wash has a one-stop solution for frizzy hair in their foaming hair wash. This miracle powder supposedly multitasks as an anti-dandruff, conditioning and anti-frizz formula. Plus, it’s chemical-free and hypoallergenic. BubbleNut Wash also specialises in environmentally friendly, skin-friendly and baby-friendly detergents.

SaND For Soapaholics

What does a mother do when her newborn’s skin is reacting to most commercial skincare products? She creates her own, of course! Sangeeta developed her own line of face, body and hair products when she found that there were too many chemicals in other available brands. You now have face, body and hair products made from traditional ingredients like turmeric, saffron and buttermilk. If it’s good for an infant, it’s good for you! 

Cosmetics Stores

SaND For Soapaholics

Garuda Mall, 1st Floor, Magrath Road, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru


Suchi’s Soaps

If it’s good for your insides, it’s great for your outsides. Suchi’s Soaps are all made out of typical kitchen ingredients like almond, carrot, fruit and vegetable juices, mint and cinnamon. All the soaps are made with pure vegetable oil which is basically like holy water for your skin. And trust us, it smells so good, you’ll want to eat it before bathing with it. Call Suchita on 9686602599 or email to place an order.

Aroma Essentials

No artificial colours, no artificial scents, no artificial promises. Aroma Essentials has natural shampoos, face masks and body butter, but it’s their one-of-a-kind products like the carrot sunblock, sebum control gel and d-tan scrub that are to die for. They also have collections that you can buy and gift someone.


Get smooth natural soaps, shampoo, body oils, lip balms, face packs and bath salts. Super reasonable, handmade and healthy, MishiKrafts products are organic and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. The strawberry soap is definitely a winner. They also have handmade chocolate and jewellery.

Gift Shops


73/1, Opp. Aradhana School, 2nd Cross, Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru



Completely natural hemp-based soaps and oils – that’s what Satliva’s about. The company aims to exploit the benefits of the much-overlooked hemp plant (part of the Cannabis family). Hemp is one of the best natural moisturisers you can get for your hair and skin and now, Satliva’s bringing it to you in a bottle. Plus, the packaging is super cute.

Studio Taskeen

Self-care meets health care at Studio Taskeen. Using all-natural ingredients in their products, these creamy dreamy formulas are 100 per cent chemical-free. And they claim that these can cure everyday ailments and health problems. From Muscle Relief Bath Bombs to Cold and Flu Bath Salts, kick your illnesses to the curb with a good old-fashioned pampering session.

Nakedly Yours

True to its name, Nakedly Yours strips away any harmful chemicals from their natural products, all manufactured in Ooty. Lotion bars, bath salts, body butter and shampoo bars, find it all here. Men also get in on the action as they’ve got a line of beard products like essential oils and beard wax to keep that facial hair game on point. 


Loco about coco(nuts)? Then you’re sure to love Coconess’ range of coconut oil-based skincare. They’ve got hip facial oils, body lotions and deodorants on offer. Plus, baby oils and balms for the little one. 

Just Herbs

Give your body a nice pampering sesh with the luxe merch from Just Herbs. In ayurvedic formulas, find toners, and moisturisers to face serums, face oils and skin tints in their cool line of products. Their natural foundation is a crowd favourite too. 

Greenberry Organics

Greenberry Organics is another online brand that we love for giving ourselves glowing skin and well-maintained hair. Their products are made from fully natural ingredients and are also eco-friendly, paraben and sulfate-free, and cruelty-free too. You know it’s good for you when you hear such terms. Try the Activated Charcoal Tea Tree, Sandalwood and Mint Oil, and Spearmint Oil body washes. 


If you find aromatherapy appealing, then Nyassa and its range of all-round skincare and beauty products are right up your alley. They have everything from body care to facial care and hair care, with all these products naturally scented. You can buy handmade soaps, bath salts, and body butter online from this brand. 

Amoha Natural

Amoha Natural started out with handmade soaps before expanding their range of skin and body care products. We love their Vitamin-C facewash with its orange extracts and the silk cocoon face scrub that helps keep our skin moisturised and exfoliated. Amoha Natural's Divine - Instant Glow Mask is another product we recommend. 

Bogar Organic Solution

Available on Shop On LBB, Bogar Organic Solutions has a range of 100% organic products for your skin and hair. We regularly stock up on some of their great hair care products such as herbal henna hair pack and pure indigo powder along with their acne and scar removal face pack. 

Alanna Naturally Beautiful

Another Shop On LBB favourite, Alanna Naturally Beautiful is an online beauty brand that does organic beauty products such as soaps, body butter, face masks, lip scrubs, and hair care product. We love that their products are sulfate and paraben-free. Our top picks are their charcoal face packs and hibiscus and reetha shampoo bar. 


With products ranging from cleansers to toners to moisturisers to body butter to professional facial kits, Silkberry has products for all ages and skin types. All your beauty and grooming needs will be taken care of naturally and organically thanks to the fact that their products all contain natural products. Think 100% pure coconut shells, cocoa pod ash, and African shea butter. 

With inputs from Sreepathy Paliath and Suzanna Matthew.