Have You Been To Amadora's First Outlet In The City Yet? They Have The Underbaked!

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Chennai's iconic sweet spot and ice cream parlour, Amadora's first outlet in the city is for all you sweet tooths and homesick Chennaites. 

What Makes It Awesome

Ice cream flavours like Malted Milk, Five Bean Vanilla, and Mami’s Filter Kaapi are what will make you keep going back here. Plus, the fact that they have the Dark Chocolate Sorbet will make even the vegan in your group cheer with delight. For anyone who's seen the Chef's Table episode on Christina Tosi, you will see that Cereal Milk ice cream that comes with infused Kellog’s cereal is inspired by Milk Bar and is absolute yummers!

As much as it is known for its ice cream, they are known for their desserts too, with everything from the Twix Cake to the Mud Pie and brownies. But perhaps, their greatest dessert is the Underbaked that comes with a chocolate chunk bar underbaked to gooey goodness and served with scoops of Five Bean Vanilla Ice Cream. If that doesn’t make you drool, then we don’t know what will. 


From what we hear, their Hail Mary is almost as great as the Underbaked.