Nose Pins To Neck Pieces: Get Your Accessory Game On Fleek With This Silver Jewellery Store



    Chera Silver Jewellery has its game strong with its collections that include neck pieces, anklets, and cuffs. It’s your turn to add them to your collection and kill your #LookOfTheDay.

    Get Your Bling On

    Handcrafted sterling silver jewellery is what these guys specialise in and with prices that start as low as INR 100, you’ve got yourself a store to check out. The collection is made up of both traditional and contemporary designs, so expect to find large jhumkas and flower-shaped nose studs in the collection. Anyone who prefers those small button-like nose pins and nose studs, you will find plenty here. Oh, and don’t get us started on the earrings. Jhumkas are in plenty, but you will also find cute ones like ear cuffs, ones shaped like rabbits, tulips, and butterflies.

    While we absolutely fancy the earrings, nose studs {and rings}, and toe rings, we think the neck pieces are quite interesting too. The collection we checked out had everything from simple string-like designs to elaborate ones that feature all those paisley, stonework, and large pendant design elements. You will also find that the collection has both your blingy pieces as well as those oxidised pieces that’s a winner with most folks. If you like stonework in your pieces, they have that as well and these are not limited to just neck pieces but also to your earrings and rings.

    Silver Lining Paybook

    While you might argue that you can get cheaper silver jewellery at Commercial Street {and we agree with you}, the pricing at the store fits all kinds of budgets. You’ve nose pins starting as low as INR 100, with nose rings and studs priced at INR 500 and above. The anklets start at INR 500, so do the bracelets. Neckpieces can start as low as INR 2,000, but then again, you might find one or two odd ones much below that mark.


    While our recommendation is based on their Phoenix Marketcity store, you will be happy to hear that they have seven more stores {and kiosks} in major malls of the city. Just Google Chera Silver Jewellery Store to find the one nearest you.