You Gotta Make A Pilgrimage To The Legendary Chetta's Oreo Shake

    Ashok Nagar, Bangalore


    Literally, a small shop {like your neighbourhood Chetta stores}, located in a lane next to St Joseph’s Commerce College on Markham Road, this place specialises in thick, creamy Oreo shakes.

    Who Is It For?

    Anyone and everyone who loves a good milkshake. Plus, it’s just 30 bucks a glass.

    What’s The Ambience Like?

    A typical roadside shop, there ain’t no ambience at Chetta’s. Just wait, gulp down your milkshake, have a smoke and get going. 

    Must Have

    Obviously the Oreo shake.

    How Was My Experience?

    I have been going there since I was in college. I still keep finding myself coming back to it now and then. Chetta’s is associated with plenty of nostalgia. If not for anything else.


    There is no parking here. Just walk it dude!

      Ashok Nagar, Bangalore