Sweet, Smokey Or Fiery: Chicken Wings You Need To Sink Your Teeth Into

    “I have the right to life, liberty and chicken wings!” comedienne Mindy Kaling had once announced, and we could not agree more. What’s better than a good plate of chicken wings to soak up those pint(s) of beer on a night out? From a unique chipotle sauce to the classic BBQ coating, we give you the lowdown on our favourite wings in town. We dare you not to drool!

    T.G.I Friday’s

    TGI Friday's

    Hulimavu, Bangalore

    Open up a menu here and you’ll find not one, not two, but four kinds of sauces to drench your wings in. Combine that with their Happy Hour offers and you are bound to be a happy camper. If it’s your first time here, look no further than the Jack Daniels Tabasco sauce version. You won’t leave disappointed. Promise.



    Ulsoor, Bangalore

    Imagine chicken wings slathered in fiery peri-peri masala and then grilled in a tandoor. The result is a crisp, slightly charred at the edges, juicy pieces of chicken, which are so good that we feel like ordering seconds and thirds. That, in a nutshell, are the fantastic Peri Peri Chicken Wings at Tayabb’s.

    Plan B

    Plan B

    Ashok Nagar, Chennai

    Ask any young Bangalorean for their Tuesday afternoon plans and they’re bound to reply with two simple words: Plan B. Indeed, this joint (which has three locations in the city) has become a staple for its amazing wings-and-beer offers. Mango Ginger, Asian Kick, and Teriyaki, the sheer variety in sauces will keep even the finicky foodies satisfied. And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous with spice, might we recommend the ABS sauce to douse your wings with?

    Arbor Brewing Company

    Apart from their craft beers which we love and have raved about here, we are also fans of Arbor’s chicken wings. We love the version, which comes doused with Bourbon sauce. If you prefer a less tangier taste though, opt for their BBQ sauce.



    JP Nagar, Bangalore

    In case you’re the type to wipe a plate clean without breaking a sweat, Brewsky has just the dish for you. Their Wings Platter offers a fair share of pieces coated in different sauces and rubs. They even offer a side of dips (as if we didn’t love the flavours already). We especially loved the Fried Wings here. Eating them might be a messy affair… but with a happy belly, who cares?

    Prost Brew Pub

    Prost Brew Pub

    Koramangala, Bangalore

    Did you know that “prost” means cheers in German? We’re sure to raise a toast to them… and their delicious wings. After all, this is the place to get your plate of chicken wings drizzled in a Mexican-inspired Chipotle sauce. We’re not kidding! Now, how do you say “dig in” in German?


    Whitefield Social

    Whitefield, Bangalore

    Besides the Tennessee wings that have us drooling, Social Offline has our attention for another reason: their Death Wings challenge. Consider yourself a master of spice and heat? They’re going to make you an offer you can’t refuse! Finish a plate of their Death Wings single-handedly and you can win a free glass of lemonade. Even if you can’t, worry not – water’s on the house.

    The Black Rabbit

    We’ve raved about their burgers before. We’ve eyed their bacon dishes longingly. But now, we also love The Black Rabbit for the finger-food that has us coming back for more. They have a Southern Fried Chicken Wings unlike wings from other parts of town. Give it a shot next time you’re feeling particularly adventurous.

    The Open Box

    Wings lovers everywhere, your time has finally come! The Open Box brings together two favourites — wings and 65 sauce. How we love the heat of the sauce. Pair them with one of quirky cocktails here (my pick is the Drip Me Tight) for best results. Perfect for those die-hard Indian souls. Win!

    Miller’s 46 Steak House And Bar

    Millers 46

    Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore

    Ah! Dear ol’ Millers is an old haunt of most Bangaloreans. Located in Vasanth Nagar, meat lovers throng to the restaurant for its salivating dishes. The highly-acclaimed wings even come in an assortment of sauces. Is mild your style? They’ve got you covered. Love a spice-laden treat? The hot wings are recommended. Either way, the wings at Millers are (dare we say?) killer.

    Hard Rock Café

    Hard Rock Cafe

    Ashok Nagar, Chennai

    Their Rockin’ Wings are slow-roasted and served with a Blue Cheese dip. They even offer two smashing sauces (Classic Rock and Heavy Metal) to demolish. #BingeOn

    Connie’s Restaurant And Steakhouse

    The residents of Kamanahalli (or ‘Kamanhattan’ as we call it) swear by Connie’s chicken wings. Their servings are generous (10 pieces a plate) which means that even the most gluttonous foodie is bound to meet their match at Connie’s. It’s no wonder they’ve declared themselves the “Place to Meet for Meat”.

    The Only Place

    The Only Place

    Ashok Nagar, Chennai

    This iconic restaurant never seems to wane in popularity. They’re known for their burgers and steaks, but let’s be honest, their wings are also a winner. Expect no frills here — The Only Place is all about honest, flavoursome food. Thus, their (sizeable) wings are generously coated in a classic BBQ sauce. Get your plate with a side of nostalgia here!